Matthew 2

This continuation of the birth story of the Messiah highlights several prophecies that were fulfilled with the birth of Jesus.  The Israelites were very knowledgeable of the scriptures and they knew the prophecy and were seeing the signs around them, they KNEW it was time for the arrival of the Messiah!  Even the gentile King Herod knew that the King of the Jews had been born and he and all of Jerusalem were afraid.  I think we can have the utmost confidence that many prophesied over hundreds of years and they all came true with the birth of Jesus the Christ.


One other thing from this chapter that made  me go hummm was the last two verses.  It seems that Joseph was returning to Judea, possibly Bethlehem but diverted to Nazareth in Galilee through the divine guidance in a dream because Herod’s son Archelaus, who I guess was just as evil, had taken his father’s throne.  It also fulfilled another prophecy that Jesus would be called a Nazorean.  Anyway, my question is, “where was Joseph going?”  Why would he have to be told to go Nazareth?  Wasn’t this his home where he and Mary were living when the Holy Spirit came upon Mary? (See Luke 1)  The passage seems to suggest that Nazareth was his second choice upon returning to Israel.

The last minor thing that caught my eye was in verse 14, why was it necessary for Joseph to depart at night?  Was passage in and out of the city monitored this closely?  Did the Roman soldiers already have an APB on Jesus?

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