Matthew 6

Matthew 6 continues with Jesus’ teaching on the mountain.  This chapter is probably best known for the “Lord’s Prayer.”  But like the chapter that proceeds and the one that follows, it is packed full of many topics on how to live a Christian life.


The passage in verses 16-18 on fasting probably speaks most to me at this time due to the fact that in 2006 I practiced it more than any year before.  If you have never fasted, I urge you to study about fasting and commit it to your walk of faith.  Fasting is rarely mentioned without also talking about prayer.  Once you add fasting to your practices of faith, you will gain many lessons from it; however, the main thing that I have gained is an increased reliance and strengthening of my prayer life.  When you start seeing answered prayers from your fasting, the feeling is indescribable.


The last part of this chapter on worry is one of the best practical lessons you can commit to in order to have daily peace and joy.  Read 25-34 many times and you will realize that to worry is to not trust God.  In every situation you should do what you can.  The things that you can not affect, you should turn it over to God with confidence that he will take care of it.  And when God takes care of things in your life, you don’t have to worry if it was the best outcome.  When you let God make decisions for you, he will make the best decision for you every time.


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