Matthew 8

Matthew 8, Jesus is healing people and casting out demons.  In this chapter Jesus first heals a guy of leprosy and then tells him not to tell anyone.  There are several instances where Jesus healed folks and then told them not to tell any one.  I have always wondered why.

One of my favorite stories in the bible is the one in this chapter about the centurion that ask Jesus to heal one of his servants.  Jesus said, “Let’s go” but the centurion’s faith was so great that he ask Jesus just to speak it and it will happen.

The middle of the chapter talks about the time Jesus rebukes the wind and the waves and makes the sea and wind calm.  What do you think the reaction would be today if a hurricane was approaching a city and Jesus rebukes it and it vanishes from all radar’s?

The chapter ends with Jesus removing the demons from two possessed men.  I have often wondered what about a demon possession.  My biggest questions is “are there still demon possessions today?”

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