Matthew 14

Matthew 14 starts out with the death of John the Baptist.  Herod liked his niece’s dancing so much that he swore an oath to let her have one wish, which at the urging of her mother (Herod’s sister-in-law), she ask to have John’s head delivered on a platter.  There may be many lessons in this story, but the main thing I get out of it is that there are some mean people in the world. 

The middle of the chapter has Jesus feeding the 5,000 plus women and children.  Then Jesus comes to the Apostles walking on the water.  Peter starts out walking toward Jesus on the water then notices the wind and has doubt and Jesus has to save him.  I can’t fault Peter though; I think I have this same issue all the time.  I can get pumped up to be a bright shinning light, but I start paying attention to what the world thinks and I can very easily lose focus.

Jesus had to really struggle to get some alone time in this chapter.  He finally got the crowd disbursed and the Apostles in the boat so he could go up to the mountain for some quite time for conversation with God.  If it was that important to him, shouldn’t we also desire our private time in prayer with God?

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