Matthew 25

Matthew 25 starts with the parables of the ten virgins and the parable of the talents.  The chapter ends with Jesus describing the judgment and options in the afterlife.  The chapter can be summed up as be prepared, use your gifts for God’s increase, and doing good to others is the same as doing good to Christ.

It is amazing how the parables of the Messiah have so many layers.  The more you study the parables and the more life experiences you have, you can get advanced tutorials from these stories today that you once colored pictures of when you were little. 

The last section of this chapter is one that really cuts to the heart.  You know how we all lift up royalty to elevated status and work diligently to prepare for their arrival; well it seems to me that the royalty is here now.  We all know the golden rule, treat others as you want to be treated, well the way we “treat” others is the way we “are treating” Jesus Christ.  He said that when we do or don’t do things for even the least among us, we are doing or not doing to him.  This should change the way we look at and treat everyone that we come into contact with.  Don’t look at them as strangers; look at them as ones that Christ purchased with his blood.  Make a habit of rolling out the red carpet for everyone, it is the same as rolling it out for Jesus.

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