Matthew 26

Matthew 26 is a very rich chapter of information and teaching.  It is so packed with information that I considered breaking it up over 2 or 3 days of writings. 

The chapter begins with Jesus telling his disciples that his crucifixion is at hand.  While at Simon the leper’s house a woman prepares his body for burial by anointing him ointment/perfume.  Judas then goes to the chief priest to make the deal for Jesus’ betrayal.  Jesus then observes the Passover with the 12 and institutes his communion.  As they were eating, Jesus tells them that one of them will betray them and that they will all flee from him, which they all deny will happen.  They then go to the mount of olives where Jesus prays to God three times to let this cup pass from him, but the will of the Father be done.  Judas comes to betray him and Jesus is led to a house where the chief priests have a mock trial to convict him through the use of false witnesses.  The chapter ends with Peters three denials of Jesus.

I have two questions for thought from the chapter.  The first is how did we get from a communion feast to a ritual snack?  The “Lord’s Supper” was instituted sitting down at a Thanksgiving type feast with Jesus taking bread and wine from the table to tell his disciples that when they eat bread and drink wine to do this in remembrance of him.  I will use this opportunity to suggest that you attend a “Passover.”  Your attendance will amaze you at how much more symbolism there is in the Passover as it relates to our Communion observance.  I am not suggesting we substitute our weekly observance of communion with a feast meal, but only that you use opportunity to understand deeper the blessings we have in our observance of the Messiah’s Communion.

My second question is why did the chief priest need to have Judas identify Jesus?  As Jesus stated that he had been teaching in the temple for a while so the knew what he looked like.  Why did Judas have to give Jesus a kiss by which to identify which one Jesus was?

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