Matthew 27

Matthew 27, the crucifixion of the Messiah.  Matthews account is brief and the actual crucifixion seems is almost a side note in verse 35.  There are several things in this chapter that I have questions that make me go hmmm.  First is just an observation of verse 3 in which it says that Judas was remorseful, or some translations say that he repented.  At first you think that he has a chance of being saved, yet Jesus had stated earlier that it would be better for him that he had never been born.  Concerning the 30 pieces of silver which the chief priest paid for Jesus betrayal, wouldn’t the chief priest have known of Jeremiah’s prophesy concerning 30 pieces of silver and a potter’s field?  Would they have even have considered the irony of their part in fulfilling prophsey? 

Was Pilate’s wife a believer or I wonder if she may have became a believer?  What about verse 44 which says that the bandits taunted Jesus in the same way that the crowd was doing?  Did the one thief later have a change of heart when in other accounts he ask Jesus to remember him when he came into his kingdom.

What about the things that happened at Jesus death, darkness at noon for 3 hours?  There were earthquakes and the curtain of the temple was torn from top to bottom, as if God from above was doing the tearing.  The tombs that were opened and many of the bodies of the saints that had died were raised and appeared to many after the resurrection. How could anyone that witnessed these things not admit that Jesus had to have been the Messiah and be totally convicted to follow his teachings?  How did the chief priest convince the masses that this was some sort of coincidence because surely the people would have been afraid with such events taking place?  And how do you explain the bodies of the saints coming from the graves and appearing to many?  And what about those saints that were raised, wonder what happened to them?  Did they stay for a little while or did they get a new lease on life and return to their place, only this time they would have had to be proclaiming the good news of eternal life through Jesus.

Jesus is The Son of the Living God who came to earth.  He was crucified for my sins and his blood has paid the ransom for my transgressions.  He is now preparing a place for me to spend eternity in his awesome presence.

Have a great day,

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