John 17

John 17, this chapter is a prayer from Jesus to the Father!  If you ask about Jesus prayer life, many would go only to “the Lord’s Prayer.”  However, in my readings this year, I am noticing many instances where Jesus is talking/praying to the father.  When we talk to the Father we have many more examples than you might think and most of them could be classified as conversations, conversations between a son and his father.  Isn’t that what our prayer life should be like?  The more we talk to our Father, the more we get to know him, the more our prayer lives will be conversations with someone that we “know.”

This prayer by Jesus is asking the Father to protect and lead the Apostles as his hour is now at hand and he will be leaving them.  However, starting in verse 20 Jesus says that this prayer is not only for the apostles but for those who believe in him through his word.  But more than this, in verse 21 Jesus said that he ask all these things on behalf of those who believe, that we may be as one as the Father and the Son are one, so that the world may believe that the Father sent the Son!  It seems to me that we are the modern day apostles!  The job given to the Apostles directly by the Son has been passed along to us!  I never thought of how important of a work we have been given.

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  1. Doog – great points. In recent years, I’ve come to think of this prayer of Jesus as the “Lord’s prayer” rather than Matt. 6. However, even that seems superficial and almost idolatrous – to presumptuously refer to any single prayer of Jesus as the “Lord’s prayer” is just silly, I think.

    You raise a good point, that Jesus talked to His Father repeatedly, so he was in the habit of communing with Him and walked in daily fellowship with Him. Maybe we’d do better to try and understand how Jesus spoke to the Father so comfortably, and try and emulate that ourselves. Thanks, brother.

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