Mark 4

Mark 4, Jesus is in a boat and the crowd is on the land as he begins teaching them in parables.  He starts with the parable of the sower after which the disciples ask him to explain what it means.  After more parable teaching, Jesus and those in the boat with him set off for the other side and a storm arose and Jesus stopped the storm by saying Peace! Be Still!  The disciples were amazed at his power.

As I grow older I am amazed at the ingeniousness of parables as teaching tools.  To me parables are like onions (or Shrek) in that they have layers.  As a child, parables have a basic meaning that you can understand.  As you grow in your faith and knowledge you keep getting additional lessons that are deeper in their meanings.

Today we are under a tornado watch.  The weather is very threatening.  If the Messiah were here he could speak it away.  WOW!  That is real power. 

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