Mark 5

Mark 5, Jesus crosses the sea to Gerasenes and met a man who lived in the graveyard and had a legion of unclean sprits in him.  The spirits acknowledged that Jesus was the son of God and ask him not to run them out of the country and ask if they could go into a herd of pigs that was near by.  Jesus gave them permission and once they entered the pigs the whole herd runs off a cliff into the sea and drowns.  Jesus crosses the sea again and there is a crowd that gathers around him including Jairus, a leader in the Synagogue, who’s daughter was near death and he ask Jesus to come heal her.  The girl dies before Jesus gets there and Jesus brings her back to life.

I have so many questions about unclean spirits and demons possession.  Do they exist today?  It sure seems that some people are so evil that they are demon possessed.

On of my favorite humorous events of the bible is recorded in this chapter.  Jesus has a mob that is following him and the way it is described it is as crowded as a New York City sidewalk at rush hour.  People are touching him from all sides.  The lady who had been hemorrhaging for 12 years comes up behind him to touch him because of her awesome faith she believed that if she could just touch him that she would be healed, which actually happened.  Jesus sensing the power transfer asks “who touched me?”  The disciples had to have been thinking, is he joking?  Anyway, I think that the disciples reaction and facial expressions had to have been a hoot.

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